• Infiltrating the Airship
    Infiltrating the Airship

    This is all in infiltrating the airship make the right decision, so you need to choose the right gear when you try to save your good friend Henry from the government, through the support of their cunn

  • Storm The House 3
    Storm The House 3

    This is a strategy battle game, players will hold a bunker do not let the enemy invasion. You just need to use the mouse to target shooting, the key box on the bullet, mouse wheel in weapons. In the u

  • Clear Vision 5
    Clear Vision 5

    A professional killer to do many things, the most important thing is that his shooting good enough, can be more perfect to complete his task. He was not a professional killer, supermarket dismissal af

  • Sift Heads Assault 2
    Sift Heads Assault 2

    Shooting game is let a person love, you just play after there is a feeling of stimulation. Outside town have many enemies, they are trying to attack you. You need to take up arms to attack more compet

  • Combat Tournament
    Combat Tournament

    This is a very fun game, it will give players a feeling of excitement and new. This contest is just the best fighting, their sacred ancient weapons and reliable guns and knives, brutal bloody down opp

  • Stealing The Diamond
    Stealing The Diamond

    Tunisia diamond on display at the museum, and expensive, you want to have this diamond? Why would anyone to show off a huge diamond? Of course, they must know a desperate man like you will use all of

  • Stick Figure Badminton 2
    Stick Figure Badminton 2

    Stick Figure Badminton 2 is coming, the game more fun. It is a good game, support double, can play with my friends, oh. Overall it is a good game, reminds me of my childhood Pikachu play volleyball, t

  • Escaping The Prison
    Escaping The Prison

    Brainstorming ultimate plan bankruptcy on his way out of the prison, you look at this point and click on the puzzle adventure on the end of the three different escapes and a lot of death scene. You ar

  • Vex 3
    Vex 3

    This is a game worth playing, it incredible background music. Your role is a leaner, more agile than you I black doll. This game can perform astonishing move, will make you surprised. An exciting game

  • Mike Shadow
    Mike Shadow

    Action games have been popular, give a person a kind of feeling directly. Vending machine ate into money, but did not give any exchange. Mike is very angry, so he wants to teach the vending machine. T

  • Stickman Stunts
    Stickman Stunts

    This is a horizontal version of the bicycle pass game, the screen simply smooth, players can choose from two kinds of control mode is suitable to control the match people finish the game, the game has

  • Mr Vengeance: Upgrade
    Mr Vengeance: Upgrade

    Protagonist woke up to find himself lying on the floor of the cold, although the future is full of dangerous, he still had picked up the side of the gun put the finger on the trigger, began his road t

  • Hitstick Rebirth
    Hitstick Rebirth

    Spy is not need more disguise, because they can easily through the obstacle. Knocking down the security guards one by one is enough to make their uniforms and heavy guns, this is when the action began

  • Stick War 2
    Stick War 2

    This is a very crazy and exciting game. Many places of your previous imperial control, they rebel now. Their behavior a serious threat to people life safety, you must save it. Under the leadership of

  • Stickman Jam: Sticktanic
    Stickman Jam: Sticktanic

    You have the courage to look at the darkness of the deep blue sea? Some stickmen find old wreck. Old wreck, it hides a lot of secrets and secret. Those who can not find a secret, is too late to stop.

  • Stickshot

    You are cold blooded sniper, addict to become the world biggest assassin. Aim and pull the trigger, one at a time to kill. This is the final task of you, working for the mob, and also against the mob.

  • An Epic Stickventure
    An Epic Stickventure

    This game is a simple, mouse operation, click at the right time to give tips. However, as opposed to a simple play should be, is the difficulty of the game, belong to from the level basically. Literal

  • Storm The House 2
    Storm The House 2

    The game will let you play very happy, it gives a person the feeling of leisure and stimulation. In this game players defending, to defend bunkers. Facing rushed up to the enemy to severely hit, the g

  • Sift Heads Cartels Act 1
    Sift Heads Cartels Act 1

    Protagonist survived assassination team just now, two bullets in the body, the killer has left the scene thought he was dead. But they obviously underestimated him, because he has a tough and unyieldi

  • Insanity Town
    Insanity Town

    All the people around you are crazy, you also can become crazy. You wake up one morning and found everyone has completely crazy. What they mysteriously conversation, you do not understand. In addition

  • Stick War
    Stick War

    You are last an idea of a free people, want to occupy the mine resources and the establishment of the army, fight for freedom. Your country leader called order, the way you are peaceful and knowledge,

  • Stick Figure Badminton
    Stick Figure Badminton

    Badminton is an interesting sport, it is very popular. The game can show more valuable play badminton, worth to play. The game picture is simple, make the person a see clear know expressed the intenti

  • Stickman Racing 3d
    Stickman Racing 3d

    This is a very fun exciting 3 d match motorcycle game, you will become a match race car driver, accept the challenge of well-known motorcycle racing around. Do you dare to accept the challenge? You sh

  • Stick Defense
    Stick Defense

    Your task is to defend the safety of your home, large quantities of stickmen tried to enter your town now. So you need to take up arms and to get rid of them all. You eliminated after a wave of there

  • Stick Out Bike Challenge
    Stick Out Bike Challenge

    Bike challenge game is very exciting, and the sense that gives a person is beautiful. This is a bicycle game type of movement is more like a trial, you can indulge. In this game you must be finished b

  • Stickman Madness
    Stickman Madness

    This is a crazy shooting game, very worth to play once, promise to let you indulge in it. You need to be very quick and accurate target, because there are enemies everywhere. If you die too fast not w

  • Level Editor 3
    Level Editor 3

    The difficulty of the game is controlled by yourself, and you ever want to edit your own level? This game really let a person crazy. You can be in real-time editing level in the game, to avoid the tra


    This is a classic shooting game that could make you feel the kind of excited feeling. Games have a bullet time system, and you need to have a good grasp, better able to shoot the enemy. There are 12 c

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